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Monday, July 10th | RSVP

5:30 – 7:00 p.m. | Embassy Suites
The Garden Room
3880 W. Northwest Highway, Dallas 75220
5:30 p.m. Appetizers and Cash Bar
6:00 p.m. Program

What you don’t know about the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA)

Due to the scarcity of funding available for transportation in the state, it is virtually impossible to live and work in North Texas without driving on toll roads at some point.

You likely have a TollTag – but what do you really know about our regional toll provider? Can you answer some, or all of the following questions?

  • What is happening at night on the Dallas North Tollway, and why now?
  • Why was NTTA created?
  • What happens to the revenues collected by NTTA?
  • Do TollTags work anywhere in Texas and beyond? Are there reciprocity agreements with other tolling entities in Texas?
  • How does NTTA coordinate with regional counties and cities when the region asks NTTA to build a project?
  • How does NTTA manage unpaid tolls? What’s the process for getting these accounts into good standing?
  • What is NTTA’s governance structure?
  • What type of technology does NTTA use to help keep drivers safe?
  • What future projects for the NTTA are on the horizon?
  • Why is there controversy over implementation of toll roads?

NTTA is our North Texas regional toll road provider and we have both an obligation and self-interest in understanding how it is working for us in helping to alleviate congestion. Please join us on July 10 for a discussion with the North Texas Tollway Authority.

Our Speaker

Arturo Ballesteros joined NTTA in 2015 as the director of legislative affairs, where he serves as the first contact for NTTA with state and legislative officials. As part of this role, Ballesteros analyzes and tracks legislation affecting NTTA’s ability to function as a valuable partner in transportation and mobility projects; communicates NTTA’s commitment to serving its customers and stakeholders through public policy channels; and establishes and maintains legislative networks to secure NTTA’s ability to meet its obligations to the region.

In his lengthy career in policy and public affairs and asset management, he has worked for two Texas Comptrollers of Public Accounts, Senator Juan Hinojosa, LMG, a D.C.-based Public Affairs firm and State Representative Yvonne Davis.

Ballesteros holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Austin College and is fluent in Spanish.