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5:30 – 7:00 p.m. | Maggiano’s
5:30 p.m. Appetizers and Cash Bar
6:00 p.m. Program

Economic State of the Union: What is likely to happen if X (Trump/Clinton) wins?

Featured Speaker: Dr. Harvey Rosenblum
Professor of Business and Financial Economics in the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, and retired EVP and Director of Research for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

During the exhausting, noisy, and lengthy 2016 Presidential campaign, both parties authored drastically different tax plans, priorities and budgets. Both platforms would leave us further in debt with no effective plan to reduce that debt long-term or significantly diminish spending. Either platform will almost certainly leave Washington and Congress in future deadlocks regarding spending priorities and sources of revenue. Some analysts have suggested that Trump’s plan could trigger a trade war with China that would rearrange the global economy, while others have called his economic plans “disastrous.” Clinton has been accused of having little interest in addressing the growth in federal debt, and many expect she would seek to broaden entitlements. On November 8, we will elect a new President. The markets will react almost immediately, perhaps precipitously and erratically, and economists and investors will be anxious about the financial direction of the nation. This will be compounded by the anticipation that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in December. What can we expect to happen? Dr. Harvey Rosenblum is articulate, brilliant, highly experienced, and entertaining as well. AND he is able to explain the economy in understandable, relatable terms.

About the Speaker

Dr. Harvey Rosenblum is professor of business and financial economics in the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University where he has taught since 1986. After a career with the Federal Reserve System that spanned 43 years, Rosenblum retired as executive vice president and director of research in November 2013 and joined SMU as a full-time faculty member in 2014. Rosenblum frequently speaks on a wide range of topics including the economic outlook, monetary policy, and banking and financial regulatory policies. | more

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Maggiano’s, Northpark, 8687 N Central Expy, Suite 205, Dallas, TX 75225-4499 / Phone: 214-360-0707

Meeting is on the 2nd floor; a receptionist will direct you to the room. Surface, garage and valet parking are available. Maggiano’s entrance is on the south side of the mall. You can also enter from inside the mall.

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